Want help getting your teen ready for adulthood?

We help parents prepare their teens for  adulthood through weekly guided lessons that build on each other.


What to Expect?

  • Every month your teen will work through 4 on-demand video lessons that will help prepare them for adulthood.   It is simple but profound things we all wish we had been taught before we left home.  Things like workplace expectations, what to look for when choosing your first apartment, and even how to be prepared for certain questions at an interview.
  • We understand that core classes get priority, but if you could find room in their schedule wouldn't you love for your teen to learn these skills too?
  • Each lesson require an average of 30 minutes to 1 hour of focus and work, but the benefits will last for decades.  Think of all the money they will save not having to pay the school of hard knocks for these lessons!

Do these words describe your teen?

If so, your teen will LOVE working through the Life 101 Pro lessons!

A Go-Getter

Does your teen LOVE to give 100% to their classes – ESPECIALLY when it relates to real-world application?


Each week your teen will get one lesson to work through and will need to follow through on the action steps to be ready for the next week lesson.

LOVE Projects

Does your teen enjoy learning through DOING? If so, they will LOVE our courses, as most lessons require hands on application as they learn.

Everything from calling managers to having coffee with an adult mentor.

Enjoys Having Fun While Learning

 This is what my daughter had to say after going through the whole course,

"The lessons are FUN! After you get over the idea that you're stuck taking a "Life Skills Class" it is kind of like playing the game that will help you be better at adulting."


Click the button to gain some freedom for yourself and help equip your teen for adulthood at the same time!


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