They grow up so fast!

In no time, they will be leaving home and finding their way.  Imagine a teen who is confident and READY for those first steps of adulthood.

Do you remember all the struggle and money you paid the school of hard knocks?

What if you could know for sure that your teen is more prepared and ready for those first curve balls life throws at them?

Help your teen be ready.

Imagine you and your teen being on the same page,

And working through a common set of life skills to help prepare them for adulthood.

And you don't have to do all this alone!

The LIFE 101 Course is here as a TOOL to help you prepare your teen for adulthood!

Want a peek inside the course?

"This is such a practical way to prepare our teens for life. Melissa spells it out, and presents it in bite-sized and manageable ways so that parents can feel confident their kids are capable of 'adulting'! "

Homeschool Mom

How I Turned My Teen's Anxiety Over Adulting Around and What It Means For You

  You may find that as your teen hits high school, the reality of adulthood around the corner becomes clear to them.  That was the case with our oldest.

But not only did adulthood around the corner become a reality, it also made her very anxious and overwhelmed.   

We looked for curriculum and workshops available and we couldn't find what we were looking for, so we created it! :)

Each week we had her work through a lesson and we watched her confidence grow as she began to see this whole adulting thing is not as scary once you know what to expect. 

Imagine the same transformation for your teen as well! 

Watch week by week. The overwhelm will go down and the confidence grow as lesson by lesson they become a LIFE 101 PRO!


The LIFE 101 Course

Here are the topics we will cover in easy to understand lessons.

Resume Creation

We start with helping your teen inventory their skills and finish with creating a resume that will represent them well.

Interview Ready

Not only will your teen be ready for interviewing, but they will also have a game plan for AFTER the interview.

Can You Afford To Leave Home?

Your teen will know what expenses to plan for and how much money they should have before they jump.

Money Management

Your teen will create a budget and making to sure to budget for priorities - including fun!  We also touch on the power of compound interest.

Life On Your Own

When we are no longer there to remind them of priorities, we want them to be ready for that. This section talks about everything from self care to time management.

Workplace Expectations

By your teen going through this section you help  them not only be ready for working in a professional workplace, but also be on track to stand out and THRIVE!

So, what do teens who have taken the LIFE 101 Course think?

We asked if they would recommend the program to other teens:

"Yes, I think a lot more teens need to use and learn about this kind of stuff because they don't teach it in schools."


"Definitely! It gives a look into the adulting life that most homeschooled kids don't get a chance to see."


It's not difficult to get your teen to take this class!

They want to know this information, they just don't know how to ask for it.

 We wanted to make sure the course was affordable, but still deliver the quality to keep your teen engaged as they went through the lessons.  If we charged the actual value of the knowledge your teen will gain from taking this course, it would be way to expensive.  Can you imagine paying even a tenth of what you paid the school of hard knocks for this course?! You will pay nowhere near that though because I want this to be an easy yes for you to start preparing your teen for those first steps of adulthood.


What I don’t want this to be is another piece of info to collect dust on your digital bookshelf.
We really want your teen to work through the lessons, download the worksheets and do the next steps that follow each lesson. 
The LIFE 101 Course is primed and ready to be enjoyed all year long. Once you sign, you will have access to the course for one full year. (More than enough time to get it done.)
My whole goal is to provide a tool you can have your teen work through and apply the knowledge in real life to help your teen not only survive but THRIVE in adulthood!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? I've got answers! :)

15 and up.  Once your teen starts working through the lessons, the reality of growing up really seems to sink in and they begin planning for it.

There is a button inside each lesson for them to download the worksheet.

Just e-mail me, I am happy to give you an extension.

The goal is for your teen to work through all the lessons and we have noticed a time limit helps keep them motivated to finish.

We have a checklist of all the lessons for you in the introduction section and we totally recommend you make a copy and check the lessons off as they go through them.  They also have "next steps" in each lesson. 

If you are looking to see them putting these lessons into action, ask them what their next step was and explain how they are accomplishing it.

Want to see the first video your teen will when they start the course?


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More kind words from moms who had their teens go through the LIFE 101 Course

"Thank you for the wonderful LIFE 101 program. It is very inspiring and makes my daughter think!"
Katherine, Homeschool Mom
"LIFE 101 PRO is one of her favorite classes."
Ann, Homeschool Mom
"I love this content and it brought me and my daughter closer."
Maggie, Homeschool Mom
  • Doesn't like online courses
  • Is looking for complicated hour long lectures
  • Has a teen that is not willing to do the work
  • Wants their teen just to learn the first steps of adulting from  paying the school of hard knocks as they go
  • Wants to help their teen be ready for their first steps of adulthood.
  • Has a teen that likes putting in the work for projects that matter to them.
  • Is looking for a course they can let their teen work through independently.
  • Want to help their child not only survive but THRIVE when they leave home.

Regardless of whether or not you decide to purchase the LIFE 101 Course, I encourage you to begin setting aside money to get tools to help prepare your teen for adulthood right now.


Some of you already know this is EXACTLY what you have been looking for to help prepare your teen to not only survive but thrive once they leave home.  If the lump sum of $149 seems overwhelming at this time, consider our payment plan option and treat the cost as if it were a CO-OP class.


No matter what you do - don’t wait until they are already graduated and left home, invest in them NOW and begin the process of preparing them for adulthood.


On the journey with you,

-melissa :)


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