The BEST Audiobooks for Family Road Trips with Teens and Pre-Teens!

After working through the Teen Driven Road Trip challenge you might be looking for some good audiobooks for the road.  We have got you covered!

The BEST Audiobooks for Family Road Trips with Teens and Pre-Teens!

ALL THE TIME you hear me say audiobooks and road trip because guys – SERIOUSLY – audiobooks in the car changed our entire car’s dynamic.  We no longer fought over which songs to listen to or turned the volume to the front to ignore the kids bickering in the back.  Audiobooks took away the BOREDOM of road trips and brought us all on an adventure where we could wonder and consider possibilities… and those thoughts carried on into our lunch break conversations as well.

  • less tension
  • less boredom
  • more lively family conversation
  • a little learning along the way too

Yeah. I am a *BIG* fan!

In case you are a fan too - we have compiled a list that in our opinion is the best audio books for road trips with teens and tweens.

First, not sure...

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15 Summer Jobs For Teens

As a homeschool family, summer phases us way less than public school families because we are used to having our kiddos around 24/7.  However, as our teens have gotten older, and the longing for more independence, the teen summer jobs have been a lifesaver for our relationships and their savings account! ;)

As a parent, consider it their life skills class for the summer. :D They will learn time and money management, commitment and a job well done.

15 Summer Jobs For Teens


Camp Worker

Summer camp is such a magical place for kids and teens!  If your teen loves the outdoors, helping kids and camp, in general, they should totally consider working at a camp.  They will probably not be able to be a camp counselor at a teen in high school, but there are other job options.  They could be a cook, work in the office or even do maintenance on the facility. And if they want to be a camp counselor as a young adult, they are setting the groundwork nicely. :)


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Help, My Check Engine Light Has Come On!

As you go through the Car Checklist for Teens, here are some quick thoughts and links to help with #9.

Help, my Check Engine Light has come on!

What we do

We encourage our teens to head straight to Auto Zone to get the code read and get a game plan for fixing the problem.

What others have to say

Below are some links to AutoZone articles that might help also.

The Top 5 Reasons your Check Engine light comes on

Want to know what all the vehicle warning lights mean? Check this link out.

Consumer report had some great tips as well.

Still need a car skill checklist?

To get your own car checklist - CLICK HERE. It makes for a great life skills class for the summer all focused on cars. Go download it, so you have it when you are ready. :)

On the journey with you,

-melissa :)

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Teach Your Teen Tire Care & Maintenance

I thought I had learned what I needed to know about cars as an adult, however, as I put this tutorial together for the Car Life Skills Checklist a lot of these little tips were new to me and super helpful. So, in case you could use a refresher before teaching your teen, I am spelling it out below. 


Check Air Pressure

You can see how many pounds of air pressure your tire needs by looking at that label inside the car door. Learn more HERE. 

Often at gas stations when they have a tire air station, there will be a gauge where you can see the pounds your tires are at if you don't have a gauge with you.

Spot low tread or problems with tires


You can tell the level of tread pretty easily. Tire Tread is measured at 32nd of an inch.  If your tread gets to 2/32 or lower it is considered balded and needs to be replaced. 

To find out if your tread is ok, stick a penny in a groove in the tread upside down.  If you can see the top of...

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Car Checklist for Teens

Summer is great time to work on life skills around the house.  Want to tackle car skills? Then this car checklist is a great start for you! You are welcome to download a copy for yourself too!

10 Things Every Teen Should Know About Their Car

Isn't it amazing how different our kids are?  My oldest DRUG HER FEET when it came to getting her driver's license and car.  Like we had to say, "Yo kid, you WILL start preparing for your drivers license exam today."  On the other hand, my youngest can HARDLY WAIT to start driver's ed and he turned 15 just a few weeks ago!

We think there are, quite frankly, a GAZILLION things teen should know when it comes to them having a driver’s license and car.  But a GAZILLION seems a bit overwhelming to me, so let’s focus it in a little bit.

CLICK HERE to get your *FREE* Car Checklist for Teens

 Here is our top 10 things every teen should know about their car before they leave home:

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Choosing To Be A Purpose Driven Family

Never underestimate the power of family time when raising teens.

The grace, the teaching, the love, the encouragement, the community, the safe place, the moments… all the things – ALL make up the fibers of who our teen becomes. Now you and I both know that the LORD really creates who our teen becomes, but He chose YOU to be their parents.

I don’t know about you but knowing that key factor causes me to pause.

Am I doing this right?

Are we screwing this all UP?

Have I sentenced my teen to life on the couch of a therapist?!

LOL, yes, I’ve had all those thoughts at least once!

Although we can’t stop all the bad or create all the good for our teens, as parents, we can lead with purpose.

Do you ever feel like you as a family are always on the defense? Trying to catch up and react as life happens to you?

If so, this post is for YOU!

Becoming a Purpose Driven Family

What are your family values?

Becoming a purpose-driven family doesn’t have to be some...

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7 Books Every Teen Should Read Before They Leave Home

7 Non-Fiction Books Every Teen Should Read Before They Leave Home

Our teens LOVE fiction books, but non-fiction books that they will read can be hard to find.  We have found 7 books we constantly are recommending every teen read before they leave home.  So, we thought we would share them with you as well.

Read to the end to see a neat twist on how we had our teens tell us about what they read. :)

A book about working with change as it comes

We started short and simple, Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson.  A quick read with profound wisdom.  The book is written in a parable format and a great story about making the most out of change.

We figure life is AMAZING at throwing curveballs, let’s help her be in a mindset that is prepared for such occasions.


A book about creating good habits for success

The next book we had her read was The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens, by  Sean Covey.  As we read this book, we found ourselves...

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Teach Your Teen How To Budget

We have talked about teaching our teens to GIVE, SAVE and SPEND the money they earn.  We have talked about helping our teens learn the concept of living below their means.  

John Maxwell said it best, “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.”  Can you imagine heading into adulthood and already understanding this concept and how to use the tools to accomplish it?  That is what today's lesson is all about.

Teach Your Teen How to Create A Budget

If you want the FREE Workbook to take our series and create your own lesson plan for your teen - click here. :)

A budget makes sense once you are in adulthood.  You have rent, utilities, groceries…bills.  As a teen… they have very little to worry about.  So, to help our teens learn to budget, let’s play pretend.

Step One - Create the situation

You can PRINT THIS WORKSHEET with amounts on them if they will help.

Just fold them up, put each...

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A 3 Step Process To Help Your Teen Learn To Live Below Their Means

Teach Your Teen How to Budget – part 2

Last week our budgeting lesson for teens was all about teaching our teens to give, save and spend their money and be PURPOSEFUL with their money.  This week, it all about staying in CONTROL of their money.

"Live below your means" was a new concept we learned from taking Financial Peace University.  We decided those words equal - have more money than month! ;)

One of the best ways to do this is stick to your budget like it is in the LAW.  We found the best exercise for our teens to feel the weight of this idea was to put them in charge of the grocery money.

Want to make our Teaching your Teen how to Budget Series into your own lesson plans?  CLICK HERE TO GET OUR FREE WORKBOOK.

Living Below Your Means

Introducing the Envelope System

An envelope system is super simple.  Pull out the money you have allotted for categories you will be going somewhere to spend the money (example: groceries, clothing, eating out) and...

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Teach Your Teen To Give, Save and Spend

Over the next few weeks I am going to be sharing Money Management and Budgeting Tips for Teens.  (The same ones we taught our own teens.)

I also have a *FREE* Teach Your Teen How To Budget Workbook that you can get HERE.

PART ONE: Teaching Your Teen To Give, Save and Spend

Do you remember learning the meaning of “having more month than money”?

I do.  In fact for the first 12 years of our marriage we lived paycheck to paycheck with *almost enough to pay the bills.  It was rough. 

I still remember the first time our power got turned off.  The first time we got a call from a collection agency because we hadn't paid our car payment on time.  We spent those first 12 years stealing from Peter to pay Paul.

We wanted better for our kids, so we decided to learn better ways to manage money.


Breaking the System

Our life really started to turn around once we learned how to handle our money.  What helped us the most was going through Dave...

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