Were YOU ready for adulthood?

Were any of us ready for adulthood?

I know I wasn't!  LOL, we were married at 19 and ready to take on the world.  As we began stumbling through adulthood, we never even saw those first curve balls coming. 

No one taught us the things we REALLY needed to know to live confident and successful lives. Our education gave us knowledge, but it didn't teach us life skills --- like what the invisible workplace expectations were or how to manage money and why that's important.

We wanted better for our teens, so we came up with a plan to help them be LIFE 101 PRO's.

When our oldest hit about 15 we noticed a difference in her outlook on her future. 

Instead of the usual excitement and wonder, the reality of leaving home and hoping she could make it began to scare and over-whelm her.  As we unpacked the situation, we realized it was because of all the unknowns.  

We created weekly lessons for her to go through - purposely teaching her how to avoid those first few curve balls that got us.  Some of the lessons were on real life budgeting, interviewing well and living a balanced life.

Each week when she got her next lesson, she was a little more sure that she could handle this thing called adulting.  By the end there was a confidence about her that has never left. 

Sure, she was still nervous/excited when she left home because life is great at throwing the unknowns out there, but she was also READY and has the know-how to get settled and have a great first year and she knows it.

Have you been able to help prepare your teen for "adulting?"

So many parents have such great intentions. However, sometimes life gets in the way and those necessary courses for the transcript take priority and those life skills for adulthood get bumped back a year and another year.

The next thing you know, you are printing their fully formed transcript, so proud of where they are heading next, but internally you *WISH* they were ready for the adulting side of things as well.

Hey - we get that.  And not having time to teach your teen these skills does not make you a bad parent!  Heck, even choosing purposely not to teach them these things is ok.  I mean, we all survived.

But think about it. 

Those first years on your own are so hard to navigate, especially if you don't have a clue what the map looks like.

Over-whelming, confusing, and exciting are just a few of the emotions CONSTANTLY going on in those first few years. 

What if you could lower - even slightly - that confusing/over-whelming part of adulthood for your teen? 

All it takes is helping your teen unpack the lessons you paid the school of hard knocks so dearly for. 

If you want to create your own course for the year for your teen, you can totally do it! :)

  • Sit down with your spouse and talk through things your teen should know when they leave home.
  • Create a list of those things you want them to learn (that will be your lesson plan).
  • Then create tasks for each item on the list and make that their lesson for the week (that will be the lessons).

You've got this! :)

Would you like help?

We would LOVE for every teen to have such knowledge when they leave home and that is why we created the Life 101 online course. We want to help get this information to as many families as possible so they can prepare their teens to not only survive but THRIVE when they leave home.

  • Imagine your teen not only knowing what they need to know before they leave home but being ready.

  • Ready with their resume done and prepared for those most common interview questions.

  • Ready with more than enough money saved to help them leave home securely.

  • Ready for life on their own.

This can be a reality for teens who know how to prepare ahead of time and I promise, teens who have taken the LIFE 101 course and done the work will be in this group of people.

We will be opening the cart soon for the LIFE 101 Course.  Hop on our wait list to be the first to know when it is available (and get in on an early bird special).

On the journey with you,

-melissa 😊


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