Teach Your Teen Tire Care & Maintenance

I thought I had learned what I needed to know about cars as an adult, however, as I put this tutorial together for the Car Life Skills Checklist a lot of these little tips were new to me and super helpful. So, in case you could use a refresher before teaching your teen, I am spelling it out below. 


Check Air Pressure

You can see how many pounds of air pressure your tire needs by looking at that label inside the car door. Learn more HERE. 

Often at gas stations when they have a tire air station, there will be a gauge where you can see the pounds your tires are at if you don't have a gauge with you.

Spot low tread or problems with tires


You can tell the level of tread pretty easily. Tire Tread is measured at 32nd of an inch.  If your tread gets to 2/32 or lower it is considered balded and needs to be replaced. 

To find out if your tread is ok, stick a penny in a groove in the tread upside down.  If you can see the top of Lincoln's head it is TIME for new tires.   To learn more about tire tread - CLICK HERE.


Balding tires can be another problem.  Balding is when your tires tread has worn in certain areas.  I have my husband or the guys changing my oil check the tread every few months.  Here is an interesting article on what your tire tread might be telling you.  When I have had blow outs, it has often been due to some MAJOR balding problems.

CLICK HERE to learn how to deal with a blow out and change a tire. - links are in #6.

Purchasing Tires

Tires are not a cheap purchase, however if at all possible in your budget, save and plan for new tires.  Depending on your car/tire size depends on the cost.  Smaller cars have smaller tires and they usually cost much less than tires for SUVs.  Here's a great article from Popular Mechanics with tips for buying tires.

If you don't have room in your budget for new tires, you can buy used tires.  We did this for a while, they wear out quicker, but that was all we could afford at that time. They did the job and cost a fraction of the retail cost of the tires. 

Keep your car aligned and your air pressure correct and your tires will last much longer! On a side note: This is also a great time to have your teen learn how to change a tire. ;)

You've got this! :)

On the journey with you,

- melissa. :)


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