The BEST Audiobooks for Family Road Trips with Teens and Pre-Teens!

After working through the Teen Driven Road Trip challenge you might be looking for some good audiobooks for the road.  We have got you covered! (By clicking the links you understand that they are  affiliate links and the funds help support the LIFE 101 PRO Blog.)

The BEST Audiobooks for Family Road Trips with Teens and Pre-Teens!

ALL THE TIME you hear me say audiobooks and road trip because guys – SERIOUSLY – audiobooks in the car changed our entire car’s dynamic.  We no longer fought over which songs to listen to or turned the volume to the front to ignore the kids bickering in the back.  Audiobooks took away the BOREDOM of road trips and brought us all on an adventure where we could wonder and consider possibilities… and those thoughts carried on into our lunch break conversations as well.

  • less tension
  • less boredom
  • more lively family conversation
  • a little learning along the way too

Yeah. I am a *BIG* fan! 😊

In case you are a fan too - we have compiled a list that in our opinion is the best audio books for road trips with teens and tweens.

First, not sure where to get audiobooks?  We use Audible.  They have a HUGE selection and you get to keep the books your purchase forever, so there are many in our library we have enjoyed more than once!  The cost is pretty affordable – 2 books a month for under $25, about the same cost as buying to 1-2 paperback books.  CLICK HERE TO START LOOKING AND SIGN UP IF YOU WANT TO. 😊 Totally worth it, promise!

Ok, on to the books.

Fiction – Pre-teen/Teen friendly

The Ranger Apprentice Series by John Flanagan

LOL, I know a shocker, but it is just THAT fantastic!  You go on adventures with Will, the apprentice, and get to watch him grow and become.  There are many adventures and great true courage shown. AND there are like 16 books!  So, if your family likes it you are GOLDEN for a while. 😊 And of course , if you like that series, you will love The Brotherband Series as well, by the same author.

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library

Chris Grabenstein has written a fun pre-teen series that younger kids will love as well.  It’s a silly one that actually teaches you a little about the library and is a clean fun adventure about some middle schoolers having to solve riddles to win a contest. There are now 3 in the series… can you tell we like series much? 😊 I love it because once the first book is vetted as a good fit for our family we can just keep pushing play.

The 39 Clues

A very exciting adventure following the life of a pair of twins who travel the world gaining clues to solve the family mystery.  All the while dodging family members that want to beat them at any cost.  The cool homeschool mom in me really appreciates the history lessons thrown in along the way.  The French Catacombs were mentioned in the first book and that was one of the top 3 places Hannah wanted to visit while in France.  The story does get intense at times and some sub-characters do die along the way.


Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

Brandon Sanderson – SUPER GREAT AUTHOR -  has written a fiction series (5-6 books, I think) for the pre-teen/younger teen group and it’s a lot of fun.  Kind of non-nonsensical at times, but a winner, all the same, that kept us guessing and laughing along the way. It follows the life of an orphan who is AMAZING at breaking things.  He meets his grandfather and it turns out that breaking things is actually a SUPERPOWER and he uses it to help save the world from… the Evil Librarians. 😊


Pennyroyal Academy

This book was a total surprise to us.  The story line was fun to follow.  You follow two sisters who join a Princess Academy – one is actually a witch in disguise and doesn’t even know it and the other might just be the strongest Princess the Academy has ever known.  We are big time NOT witch or magic fans, but for some reason, it didn’t bother us in this book and we continued on. Glad we did.  The adventure was worth it. 😊  And there is a number 2 out as well.


The Golden Braid by Melodie Dickerson

Great clean, romantic adventure. Great for teen girls. 😊 You follow the story of Rapunzel and you get to watch her find her way on this fun adventure!  So.sweet.

Most all Clive Cussler books are great adventure books for teens and adults and all very clean.

We favor The Oregon Files Series with main character Juan Cabrillo.  He may or may not have a peg leg with a secret compartment for a gun in it! :D

And we enjoyed the first few Michael Vey Books by Richard Paul Evans as well.


We have some non-fiction books we love as well: 

Total Money Makeover

Looking to get your money under control or teach your teens that debt is NOT the way to get rich?  If so, this is the book for your next trip.  Dave Ramsey is known for his no-nonsense ways to help us all learn to dump our debt and gain wealth.


The Go-Giver

Looking for a book that shares ideas of how to succeed in business and in leadership in a parable setting.  Listen to this book!  We *LOVE* this one and have listened to it many times!  Our kids have even applied many of the concepts from this book.


As you Wish – the Inconceivable Tales from the Making of the Princess Bride

I have recommended this one before – but I want to say clearly the AUDIO version of this one was FANTASTIC!  Many of the characters spoke their parts about behind the scene situations.  It was just so fun!  It was like you were around the campfire with them and they all shared their point of view. So. Good. 😊


American Icon: Alan Mulally and the Fight to Save Ford Motor Company

I went to a leadership conference and Alan Mulally was one of the speakers.  What a great visionary and servant leader?!   After hearing him speak I really wanted to know more about his journey with Ford.  This book was longer.  At times eye-opening and at times dry and skippable, but definitely worth the read.


The Legend of the Monk and the Merchant

This is Luke’s favorite.  It is a parable book as well.  It encourages listening to mentors, seeing a need and filling a need and never giving up.  A great story for the family. 


Everyday Millionaire

Chris Hogan has created an easy to read book full of examples of everyday millionaires.  Consider it an updated version of the Millionaire Next Door.  So good and inspiring to know you that millionaires really are just ORDINARY people who managed their money.


If you have any others you recommend – please don’t hesitate to share them with us!  We are always up for good, fun, clean adventures! 😊

On the journey with you,

Melissa with Life 101 Pro


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