Pushing Past The COMFORT ZONE

Working through creating goals can be daunting. 

However, it doesn't have to be.  In fact, sometimes creating new goals is a matter of finding clarity on what you are truly striving for. 

I think the hard part, especially for us adults, is creating a real vision of what we STILL hope to accomplish in life.  I know, for me, unless I push myself to see a bigger picture, it is easy for me to settle right where I am at.  In my comfort zone.  And be happy. Right.There.

It is when I realize I have gone a while and not done one things that scares me, that I know I am DEFINITELY slipping into a comfort zone. 

So, why the strong push to get OUT of the comfort zone?

Because friends, I am certain God is not through with me yet.  And if I want to grow and become all He wants me to be, I better not get too cozy. 

It's funny, but recently, Hannah has been working through Praxis. (BTW, there is a review to come on that program soon.) As she is coming to the time she is placed with a company, it is funny that the things that she thought would stretch her, are actually things that are now inside her comfort zone.

Knowing that to be so, she is opening her eyes to opportunities she never would have considered before. 

Watching her work through her fear and gathering courage to push past her comfort zones has been entirely inspiring. As she continues to see all she is made of, I am reminded that the journey to becoming doesn't end once we or our teens hit 18.  It continues over a life time.

The 5-Day Goals for Purpose-Driven Teens Challenge really  challenges the teens to create a vision for their future.

However, the principles work just as well for us moms. :)

Has it been a while since you have dreamed about what you would love to accomplish in the future? 

If so, consider taking some time and dreaming of what could be for YOU in 5 years.  Is your nest empty?  Are you leading something?  Are you helping somewhere?  Are you creating something?

If you, dear sweet homeschool mom, could be or do anything 5 year from now, what would it be?

Wishing you an amazing week, and hoping you begin dreaming and breaking past your comfort zone to begin seeing who you still want to become.

On the journey with you, sweet friend,

-melissa :)


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