Choosing To Be A Purpose Driven Family

Never underestimate the power of family time when raising teens.

The grace, the teaching, the love, the encouragement, the community, the safe place, the moments… all the things – ALL make up the fibers of who our teen becomes. Now you and I both know that the LORD really creates who our teen becomes, but He chose YOU to be their parents.

I don’t know about you but knowing that key factor causes me to pause.

Am I doing this right?

Are we screwing this all UP?

Have I sentenced my teen to life on the couch of a therapist?!

LOL, yes, I’ve had all those thoughts at least once! 😉

Although we can’t stop all the bad or create all the good for our teens, as parents, we can lead with purpose.

Do you ever feel like you as a family are always on the defense? Trying to catch up and react as life happens to you?

If so, this post is for YOU!

Becoming a Purpose Driven Family

What are your family values?

Becoming a purpose-driven family doesn’t have to be some elaborate plan or rigorous application you live by; it can be as simple as deciding what y’all value and begin living life towards those values.

Here are some examples:

  • If you as a family value sports – then your teens are probably on a team and you are in the stands cheering them on.
  • If your family values quiet – then maybe you turn off all electronics before dinner and read until bedtime.
  • If your family values adventure – maybe you create monthly camping trips at different state parks.
  • If your family values home-based learning – then you homeschool.

It can be simple.  Decide what you and family value and live into those values.

Get the family involved.

When your kids were young, it would make sense for you and your husband to create the values and plans for your family alone, but with your teens being older consider including them. Nothing says I value your opinion more than letting your teens have a say in what you as a family are about.

If you would like a list of family values to get you started - click here. We create a Family Values Worksheet just for you!

Have everyone spend some time deciding what they want the family values to be and come back together for a family meeting to discuss them.  You will notice some similarities among the answers.

Decide on the top 5 answers and then it’s time to create the map.

Your Family Mission Statement

Take the top  answers from the values discussion that you all agree you want to live by and create your family mission statement.

It might sound like:

The Dickey Family lives for God, love others where they are, create moments that matter, home is a safe place, we make time for each other and love unconditional.


The Armstrong family is kind to all, is a team that laughs together, supports each other, makes the world a better place every day.  


The Smith family lives for God and leads others to Christ through actively participating in sports.

The statement can be anything.  The point of the statement is to know what you as a family stand for and let it be boundary lines for what to say yes to and what to say no to as well.

You’ve got this!

My friends, life is too short to let life happen to you – get up, go out there and make some waves with the family core values y’all believe in.  Being the family you want to be on purpose will also help your teen be secure in where they come from and a great example to live on purpose into adulthood.

On the journey with you,

-melissa 😊


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