A Teen’s Guide to Hosting a Christmas Party

Hosting a Christmas Party doesn’t have to be complicated.  I mean it really does boil down to an organized time hanging out with your favorite peeps, right?!  However, sometimes throwing the word “party” into the mix can make the gathering a little more stressful for the host. 

A great life skill to have when heading into the real world is how to host a party.  With that in mind, we’d love to walk you through some simple questions to answer that will help get your party organized and hopeful take some of the stress out of planning a Christmas Party. You’ve got this!

A Teen’s Guide to Hosting a Christmas Party

What day and time do you want the party to take place?

  • Friday or Saturday night are good choices because your guests can sleep in the next day.
  • A Thursday night or Saturday morning might be a good choice too, as calendars can get pretty full with events in December.

How long do you want the event to last?

  • Most parties last 2-3 hours
  • Leaving only a start time on your invitation lets your guests know they can leave whenever.
  • No matter how long you want your party to last, confirm with mom and dad that they are good with the times you choose.

Who do you want to invite?

  • a small gathering is 5-10 people
    • with a small group it is easy to just text the few people and see who is up for coming.
  • a larger gathering - more than 10
    • These are fun gatherings but take a bit more planning.
    • You will want to get an RSVP from all you invite, so keep track of that by either writing the names of those you give invitations to and checking in with them the week of the party if you haven't heard from them or use Sign Up Genius (it’s FREE) for a central online RSVP spot.

What will be the theme of the party?

  • Some Christmas Parties are just “A Christmas Party”  But there are a lot of themes to choose from if interested.  Here are a few:
    • Ugly Christmas Sweater
    • Cookie Exchange
    • Christmas Pajama Party
    • Grinch Who Stole Christmas Party
  • A theme can help set the mood for your party, give inspiration to the gift exchange and make it easier to pick times and foods for the event.

What will your guests be doing at the party?

  • Christmas parties often include a gift exchange…. what kind of gift exchange do you want to have?  Your imagination is your only limitation on this. The big thing to remember is to set a price limit on the gift (usually $5-$10).  You could do an:
    • Ornaments exchange
    • White elephant gift exchange
    • Gift card exchange
    • Christmas sock exchange
  • Another option is games.  You could do Christmas Carols Charades or Pictionary.  You could drive around looking at the Christmas lights while sipping on Hot Cocoa.  You could snuggle up on the couch and what your favorite Christmas movie.  You could decorate cookies.  So many choices!

What will your guests eat and drink at the party?

  • Knowing how many people will be coming to your party will help you know much food and drinks to get.
    • Let me just throw out there… now is NOT the time to try a BRIGHT RED, HIGHLY STAINABLE drink for the party.
  • Some easy options are popcorn and hot cocoa.
    • Hot Cocoa Bar: with marshmallows and candy canes and whip cream and sprinkles
    • A variety of popcorn options, maybe even a popcorn that goes with your theme’s color scheme.
    • You could fancy it up and do a cookie decorating station.

Where will the party be taking place?

  • If you are doing a smaller gathering, your living room is a good location for the party.
  • If you are going to have a larger group of people, you might need a few rooms at the house – like kitchen, living AND dining rooms.

Before you invite anyone - TALK TO YOUR PARENTS:

Once you have all the details nailed down (and BEFORE you invite your friends) ask mom and dad for a few minutes and see what they think about the idea.  I am sure they will love it and they may even have a few ideas to help make it even better!

A few other things to keep in mind.

Before the party:

  • Be super nice to your mom and dad as they work with you to set up your party.

During the party:

  • Have FUN!
  • Respect your parent’s wishes.  If they everyone needs to be gone by THIS TIME, make sure your guests and their parents are aware of the ending time.

After the Party:

  • It’s tempting to plop on the couch and chill for a bit, but let’s face, my friend.  You have a MESS to clean up.  Clean it up quick and show your parents how responsible you are.

*BONUS* if all goes well and the house is clean when the party is over there is a SUPER GOOD chance your amazing parents will let you do this again!

Wishing you a super fun Christmas season and Christmas Party!

Hope it’s amazing!

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