Family Road Trips With Teens

Want your teen to be excited about the next road trip?

Let them call the shots! 

One thing I *LOVE* about homeschooling is how close the family is. With that being said - helping your teen learn how to do road trips well and responsibly can totally be a family affair!

If they have gone through the Top 10 Car Checklist for Teens and they know how to read a map, the next step is to let them be the guide. 

The goal of this idea is to help your teen get experience creating and leading road trips.

Give your teen a location and a budget.

They will need to come up with:

  • A route to get to the location
  • A list of places (name/address if they have it) for where they want to stop along the way and for when you get there
    • gas stations
    • restaurants
    • fun touristy stuff ideas
  •  A written-out budget for the trip
  • A recommended place to stay once you get to the final destination
  • A packing list for the car and recommended packing items for family members.
  • Car Maintenance
    • Have your teen check fluids and tires before you head out, including the spare.

Click here to get your Teen Summer Road Trip Checklist, to make sure they cover all the details. :)

I don't know about y'all, but road trips are some of our favorite memories as a family.  You can have your teen drive or just create the game plan, either way, they getting to be a part of the trip.

The goal is the get your teen to practice participating in the adventure instead of just being a passenger on the adventure. ;)

Wishing y'all some sweet memories on your road trips this summer.

On the journey with you,



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