Creating Moments that Matter - Life Skills for Teens


Today’s life skill for your teen is to: help create a fun moment over the Christmas season, instead of just being a participant.

For my teens, it was creating a time for decorating gingerbread houses with the cousins.

Looking back over my life, some of my favorite Christmas moments were made while decorating gingerbread houses or sugar cookies with my friends and family.  I have continued the tradition by having these moments each year for my kids as well.

This year, I am passing the torch to my teens, and they are coordinating our family moment of decorating a gingerbread house. 

Helping your teen grow these muscles will help them handle projects that require more than one step and following through the tasks assigned to them.

They are buying kits, so actually creating and baking the house is taken off the list.   I think everyone's first year doing gingerbread houses should be with a kit.  It lightens the load and they are quite affordable these days.  Saw one the other day at the grocery store for under $10!

However, they are making the icing, because kit icing just doesn't work as well. ;)

Here's what we are doing:

They are getting a $25-$40 budget and they must:

  • pick the day and time to decorate the gingerbread house that will work well with the family (maybe on the weekend before Christmas or after the Christmas Eve service) and they had to communicate the info the families involved.
  • Buy the gingerbread kits
  • Gather the items they want to have available for decorating the gingerbread house
  • Set everything out before the event
  • Take pictures during the event
  • Clean up after the event.


As you can see from the pic above the event was a success.  Things they learned from the event:  You can never have too much icing, it's a lot of work to be these things together, and don't leave the inviting up to grandma, it's not her job, it was theirs.

I think those were all good lessons to learn.  Here's to more opportunities to create moments.

On the journey with you,

Melissa @ Life 101 Pro


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