Career Exploration Ideas with Mandi Frost, My Life Coach 360

Each month we are going to be sharing about alternative career preparation ideas for helping you prepare your teen for adulthood. 

This month we are talking about career exploration with Mandi Frost of My Life Coach 360.

You can catch the podcast here on Spotify, but here are the cliff notes.

Career Exploration Ideas

Everyone's journey is different.  Some kids know early on what they want to be when they grow up, whereas others still don't know as they head into adulthood.

For those that do know what they want to be, help them pursue the path they think they want to take.

For teens that don't know what they want to do for a job, create the opportunities.

Creating Opportunities

  1. Spend a Saturday a month exploring a career option.  At the end, help them conclude what they liked/ didn't like about that career experience.
  2. Talk with friends and see if your teen could shadow them for a day and see what it would be like to work in that industry.

Create a Business

Mandi's younger 2 kids helped a family friend start a water game business.  They helped with everything from creating the game, the prototype, to marketing and selling it.  By helping create that product they both got to try their hands a lot of different experiences and see what they liked.

Other Recommendations

Take a personality quiz or strength assessment, but just one.  Use it to help confirm who your teen is and as a guide to help them begin to consider ideas, but if they have a passion for other career options, give them opportunity to try that field.

Resources Available To Help You On The Journey thru Mandi Frost and My Life Coach 360

  1. The IMAGE assessment - This is an in-depth assessment to help your teen discover their strengths and motivations.  Mandi uses this as a jumping off point in 3 follow up coaching calls to help them unpack what really rings true for what your teen might want to do for a career and even deeper - who they are.

  2. The GO Program - The GO PROGRAM helps equip teens and young adults with life skills for their growth journey from dependence to ownership.  AND BONUS - you can use this online course as an elective for your teen! :)

  3. She recommends when hopping on her website to sign up for the freebie to get instant access to tips and ideas to help you on the journey to raising LIFE 101 PROs! :)

On the journey with you,

-melissa :)




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