Car Checklist for Teens

Summer is great time to work on life skills around the house.  Want to tackle car skills? Then this car checklist is a great start for you! You are welcome to download a copy for yourself too!

10 Things Every Teen Should Know About Their Car

Isn't it amazing how different our kids are?  My oldest DRUG HER FEET when it came to getting her driver's license and car.  Like we had to say, "Yo kid, you WILL start preparing for your drivers license exam today."  On the other hand, my youngest can HARDLY WAIT to start driver's ed and he turned 15 just a few weeks ago!

We think there are, quite frankly, a GAZILLION things teen should know when it comes to them having a driver’s license and car.  But a GAZILLION seems a bit overwhelming to me, so let’s focus it in a little bit.

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 Here is our top 10 things every teen should know about their car before they leave home:

  2. KNOW YOUR CAR: Where things are located in the car: spare tire, jumper cables, manual, fuses, fluids
  3. OIL: How to check the oil + BONUS POINTS for teaching them how to change the oil as well.
  4. TIRES: How to check tire pressure, spot balding on the tire, and questions to ask when purchasing tires.
  5. DEAD BATTERY: Is it black on black or black on red??! Yep, How to use jumper cables
  6. EMERGENCY STOPS: How to handle a blowout  followed by HOW TO CHANGE A TIRE
  7. WRECKS: How to handle a fender bender
  8. WINDSHIELD: How to check and replace wipers and fluid. What to do if you get a check or crack in your windshield.
  9. CHECK ENGINE LIGHT: What to do if any dashboard lights come on
  10. SAFETY: How to drive safely – kids, seat belts and SERIOUSLY – NO TEXTING!

CLICK HERE to get your Car Checklist for Teens - Top 10 Things Every Teen Should Know about their Car Before they Leave Home

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