Teen Approved Board Games That Are Fun For the Whole Family

It seems every season we stick to one game and play it 1-3 times a week, just depending on all the moods and projects. With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, there are bound to be some sales coming up - so I thought you might want a few recommendations as you Christmas shop.
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Games your whole family will LOVE this Christmas Season

Some board games can get a little pricey, so we keep that purchase to only once a year and play that game often during Christmas School Season. 

Settlers of America

This year's Christmas school game is from the makers of Settlers of Catan, Settlers of America.  You guys, this is so much more fun than the original, I can hardly believe it! :)  First off, instead of getting the most points, the only way to win is to use up all your resource blocks.  What's a resource block?  It's something new to the game from the original.  Also, if you get no resources on the dice roll, you get a gold coin that can be used to travel on the rails and to purchase resource cards.
It just makes for more fun and less competition.  Highly recommend this one.
Note: As with all Catan games - there is a learning curve during the whole first game. 


The goal of the game is to gain the most victory points first.  You roll your dice and place them on the board , taking turns until all have been placed and then add up the victory points each round. 

It is a fun and quick strategy game.  A nice 20 minute game once we had the game down.

I will say, the game must have originated from Europe, as the directions are hard to read.  The only YouTube video we could find in English was of a dad/daughter date opening the box.  We are toying with the idea of creating a video for y'all.  I will keep you posted.

Still, recommend this one for a fun, quick game of strategy.



This is a fun game that is fun to teach and easy to catch on to.  I think of it as an interesting version of domino's and Ticket To Ride, smushed together with a few monks! ;)

Your goal is get the most points by connecting roads, building cities and owning land, one turn at a time.

You can choose to focus on your goals or be a little mischievous and wreck the other players plans with calculated placement  of your pieces. 

This was a fun one to take when we had gathering with other homeschool families with teens.



 This game!  This game was a very big deal for our family! 

We had taken a break from games because the family was having a hard time enjoying them together.  Just all growing and changing.  Well, 2 years ago, we decided were going to learn to play well together again and got this game. 

We had never played Risk before, so if yall have, you are already ahead of the game!  ;) There is a LOT involved with this game.  There are rules and when you conquer this new thing, there are new rules. BUT, the thing that kept us playing were the 15 lines at the bottom right of the board.  Luke said before we started the first game.  "Now guys, every time you win, you sign the board.  There are 15 spots.  We are going to keep playing this game until all 15 slots are filled with a name. Everyone is to play and EVERYONE is to be a good sport about it."  And it was settled, we were to conquer this game.

Truth, this game reawakened our desire to playing games together again.  Now, once the 15 were done we played a few more times, but we decided as a family to put it away except for maybe once a year.


We took our first card game on the road back in 2013.  We were driving Mateo to camp and we stopped at McDonald's for lunch.  We whipped out the cards and chilled out laughing and playing for a while before hitting the road again.  Since then, we always have at least one card game in the glove box, ready when we are. ;)

The 2 we favor right now are Monopoly DEAL and Skip Bo. 

Monopoly DEAL is a MUCH quicker game than the board game and you still get to have properties and charge rent. 

Skip-Bo is our other game we keep in the car as well. 


With the holidays upon us, I hope these suggestions have been helpful! Feel free to pop on the LIFE 101 PRO Facebook page and share others you recommend as well! :)  We are always on the look out.

Wishing you the best on the journey,

-melissa :)





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