This is us.

We are Luke and Melissa Dickey, a pair of feisty redheads trying to live life on purpose and unleash as much hope into the world as possible.

Forgive the quality of this pic, but this was the beginning of us. We were 19 and in love.

We got married this same year and promptly began paying the school of hard knocks a LOT of money. 

No one "warned" us - taught us - about what to expect when we hit adulthood and we paid DEARLY for that ignorance. 

We finally learned how to manage our money and LIFE 15 years later and became debt-free in February 2016. 

As we finished that part of our journey, we realized our teens were not that far from leaving home themselves.

We started thinking through what we wish we had known before we left home.

We created weekly lessons for them to complete, knowing that if even HALF of it sinks in, they will be way better off than we were when we left home!

After going through the lessons, my daughter looked at me and said, "mom, you have got to teach everyone these lessons before they leave home." 

LIFE 101 PRO was born: a company that helps teens go into adulthood as Life 101 Pro's! :)


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