If you hear nothing else, hear this: YOU ARE AMAZING, YOU ARE ENOUGH & YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Being a mom of homeschool teens can be tough.

Your teen is growing and becoming. You are getting all those required classes done - while still trying to throw in some fun outside of the box stuff occasionally.  Then BOOM, one day you look up and realize, those teens are soon going to be young adults. on their own... getting grown up jobs... meeting their future spouse...

When we realized those truths, we decided to get serious about preparing them for adulthood. We created weekly lessons for them to complete, knowing that if even HALF of it sinks in, they will be way better off than we were when we left home!

If you would like some similar tools to help you get your teen ready for life on their own, you have come to the right place.

LIFE 101 PRO is all about helping parents prepare their teens for adulthood.

Think how great it will be knowing your teen is READY for adulting!

  • Ready to juggle paying bills and having fun.
  • Ready to not only survive but thrive in that professional workplace environment.
  • Ready to walk confidently past every curve life throws at them that first year.

This is us. 

A sweet, feisty, and fun group of red-heads, doing all we can to unleash hope into the next generation.

On the journey with you, -m. :)


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