30 days, 30 challenges. Your teen's got this!

30 days. 30 challenges

Are you ready to help your teen see the difference  they can make in the world by just being themselves and actively trying to spread kindness?  Then you will LOVE this 2018 Teen Blessing Challenge.

Get your 2018 Teen Kindness Challenge HERE

Match the day of the month to the number on the challenge.

Encourage your teen to read the challenge in the morning to help this be a priority in their day.

Make time.

Many of the challenges take less than 30 minutes a day, but can make a HUGE impact in your community and in your teen.

Make it a game!

Encourage your teen on the journey. Brain storm ideas as needed, join them on others, and CELEBRATE when they finish them all! :)

Did I mention it's FREE?! :)


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