We help parents prepare their teen for adulthood,

so that they will not only survive but THRIVE in this world.

Is my teen ready for life on their own?


If that has been a recent thought, then you are in the right place.


We unpack what to expect when you leave home and how to prepare for it.

As your teen works through this course, you will watch their confidence SOAR! 

What do other moms have to say about the course?


There is a worksheet for each lesson. You decide if you want to grade it or not. 


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Want to know what parents who have used LIFE 101 PRO for helping their teens prepare for adulthood have to say?

"Thank you for the wonderful LIFE 101 program. It is very inspiring and makes my daughter think!"

Katherine, Homeschool Mom

"This is such a practical way to prepare our teens for life.  Melissa spells it out, and presents it in bite-sized and manageable ways so that parents can feel confident their kids are capable of 'adulting'!"

Pat, Homeschool Mom

"LIFE 101 PRO is one of her favorite classes."

Ann, Homeschool Mom

"I love this content and it brought me and my daughter closer."

Maggie, Homeschool Mom

Frequently Asked Questions

Your teen will be introduced to basic life skills for adulthood to help them thrive when they leave home. Things like:

  • Can they afford to leave home?
  • Living a balanced life
  • How to interview well
  • Standing out in the workplace
  • and much more!

The online course is available for 1 year from the day you purchase. 

There is a PDF workbook add-on available with all the hand outs that would be a great reference for your teen for LIFE! :) 

YES! :) 

When you purchase the course you can have your teen hit the ground running! 

You will also get a checklist of all the lessons.

Go through the list and cross out those you want your teen to skip and make a star next to those you want to see the homework from.

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